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April 26, 2010

GPDL – Gui Path Description Languange

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Do you know that problems?  A colleague asks you how to set a specific option in MS windows, and now you want to send him a mail declaring how he gets to the deeply hidden checkbox to set the field.

Or: You are an enterprise developer and get a bug report in one of your forms.  But the tester has difficulties to tell you, how he got to the point where the error occurs.

Would be quite helpful if there would exist a simple but expressible Language to Describe the Path in the Gui one has to take. Or in reverse: a Gui Description Path Language.

I will present here a draft proposal for it.

The elements:

(foo)   means:  Select menu item labelled “foo”

(foo->bar->baz)   means:  Open menu labelled “foo”, select submenu “bar” and in it item “baz”

[foo]   means: Press button labelled “foo”

/foo/   means:  Select tab labelled “foo”

_foo_:bar  means: In the widget labelled “foo” enter or select “bar”

{foo}  means: On the widget labelled “foo” select the context menu

{foo:bar->baz} means: On the widget labelled “foo” open the context menu, select submenu “bar”, and in it item “baz”.

%foo% means: you will see a dialog with title “foo” now.

With this elements you can describe  typical gui steps like the following (pseudo) use case:

(Extras->Options) -> %Options% -> /Display/ -> [Advanced…] -> _resolution_:1024×600 -> [OK] ->[OK]

With this syntax, the reader does not have to think about, if “Advanced” is a menu entry, a button or a tab.  With only a short training it leads your eyes directly to the right location to search for the text.

Really simple, isn’t it?


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